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Over time more developers joined the effort. The source was first released at version 0. The 'Credit System' was implemented for the first time on September 14, in version 0.

The eMule project website started up on December 8, Nodes in Kad network Current versions v0. This network has an implementation of the Kademlia protocol, which does not rely on central servers as the eDonkey network does, but is an implementation of a distributed hash table.

Also added in recent versions were the ability to search using unicode , allowing for searches for files in non-Latin alphabets, and the ability to search servers for files with complete sources of unfinished files on the eDonkey network.

In new versions, a "Bad source list" was added. The application adds an IP address to this list after one unsuccessful connection. Unavailable IPs are banned for a time period from 15 to 45 minutes. Some users have complained that it leads to a loss of active sources and subsequently slows download speed. Other recent additions include: the ability to run eMule from a user account with limited privileges thus enhancing security , and Intelligent Corruption Handling so that a corrupted chunk does not need to be re-downloaded entirely.

The 0. From , many ISPs have used bandwidth throttling for usual P2P ports, resulting in slow performances. Although the nomenclature suggests that eMule is still in beta phase version numbers below 1 , it is now considered a stable product, and new versions are not released as often as they used to be. Basic concepts "AICH" redirects here. For other uses, see Aich disambiguation. File transfer statistics of v. The top-level MD4 hash , file size, filename, and several secondary search attributes such as bit rate and codec are stored on eD2k servers and the serverless Kad network.

Search parameters in eMule v0. The client then asks the servers where the other clients are using that hash. When a complete chunk of 9,, bytes KiB is downloaded and verified, this data is also shared by the downloader, helping others to download the file as well.

It is also possible that a client knows other clients that are also sharing that same file. In that case a source exchange between the clients is made. This exchange of known peers is done directly between the peers. It is meant to make eMule's corruption handling competitive with BitTorrent. AICH is processed purely with peer-to-peer source exchanges. Low ID Users who cannot be reached from the outside because they are firewalled , behind a NAT device that has not been correctly port forwarded , or whose IP address ends with a zero e.

They are still able to upload and download but need the help of servers or other kad clients to be reached by other clients. Since they cannot be notified that they are in front of an upload queue, they have to poll peers if an upload slot is available. Also, a releaser or heavy uploader that uses a releaser mod such as MorphXT or Xtreme that is forced to operate on a Low ID hotel room, job also will find that he will have little control over his upload priorities especially powershares as the servers appear to limit their connection-forwarding for each client, thus turning his upload queue to a contention situation where the first to be able to get forwarding and find an open slot gets it.

Credit system Credits are not global; they are exchanged between two specific clients. The credit system is used to reward users contributing to the network, i. The strict queue system in eMule is based on the waiting time a user has spent in the queue. The credit system provides a major modifier to this waiting time by taking the upload and download between the two clients into consideration.

The more a user uploads to a client the faster he advances in this client's queue. The modifiers are calculated from the amount of transferred data between the two clients. The values used can be seen in the client's details dialog. To view this information, right-click on any user and choose View Details.

All Clients uploading to you are rewarded by the credit system. It does not matter if the client supports the credit system or not. Non-supporting clients will grant you no credits when you upload to them. Credits are stored in the clients. The unique user hash is used to identify the client.

Your own credits are saved by the client who owes you the credit. This prevents faking the credits. Your own credits cannot be displayed. The computation formula for the Official Credit System is composed of two ratios as follows [8] : Both ratios are then compared and the lower one is used as the modifier. If the client uploads data but doesn't download any, the modifier will be fixed at The modifier can only be between 1 and An exception to this rule applies only when a peer is assigned a "Friend Slot" after being added to the client's Friends list.

Only one Friend Slot can be reserved so as to prevent any form of abuse such as upload discrimination. It is said to be the most complete implementation of the eD2k protocol and its extensions. However the transfer speed is generally slower than BitTorrent , although faster than anonymous networks. Some mods started as forks from official eMule versions, and then continued to develop independently rather than modifying newer official versions. An example of this type of mod is eMule Plus.

Since eMule Plus forked off before the release of v0. Other mods follow official eMule releases and make their own releases based on each new release of the official version.

Since distributed mods are required to publicly share their source code by the GNU General Public License, useful features created by mod developers can be quickly incorporated into an official version. Among the eMule mods, MorphXT began in January and is considered to be one of the earliest, Xtreme is one of the most popular.

Fake eMule sites and malware Due to the popularity and open source nature of eMule, some third-parties have created modified versions of it, which frequently contain spyware and other malware programs. Some fake sites ask for credit card information or require you to sign up for a paid membership.

The official eMule is free. These versions are usually found via rotating advertisements sometimes placed on legitimate sites.

It has a simplified interface and lacks some advanced settings available in the standard eMule client. As of version 1.


eMule Applejuice

Taille: Windows Internet et réseau Partage de fichiers et P2P eMule Le vétéran du peer-to-peer eMule est un logiciel libre de partage de fichiers en pair à pair ou P2P — peer-to-peer qui fait figure de vétéran et de survivant dans sa catégorie. Grattuit existe en versions pour Windows, Android et iOS. Apple Software Update est un outil logiciel de Apple qui installe la dernière version du logiciel Apple. Vous pouvez aussi partager le lien dans les réseaux sociaux que vous utilisez, ou tout simplement parler du site autour de vous! Il a été initialement introduit pour les utilisateurs de Mac sous Applrjuice OS 9. Wmule Studio Fruity Loop.



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