Il entend un bruit et regarde autour de lui quand il se tourne vers le ring. L'homme masqué défie le boxeur à un combat et lui montre la lune, qui a une couleur rouge pâle. Les chaussures de sport homme avec les orteils et les talons enchâssés en acier et utilise les arts martiaux pour combattre Eddie. Dans un premier temps, les deux combattants avaient l'air de force égale, mais Eddie se retrouve bientôt submergé par des aptitudes supérieures de combat de l'homme. Quand l'homme frappe Eddie extérieur de l'anneau, il se démasque et livres encore Eddie malgré les plaidoyers de Eddie d'appeler au large de la lutte.

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Awesome fight choreography and underrated action heroes? Atrocious acting and an obviously cheap budget? Like the films that came before it, "Bloodmoon" is not for everybody, but those of you committed to the core essentials of kung fu movies ought not be without this one. I admit it: the story is one for the dogs.

The thought of any character played by Gary Daniels utilizing brains over brawn is laughable, and luckily the movie realizes this as well before it can get too carried away with itself. Gary Daniels' accent only punctuates his weak acting chops, and Jeffreys isn't very inspired either. Darren Shahlahvi as the killer and Brandie Rocci as O'Hara's martial artist niece, however, take the cake for giving the impression that they couldn't even order a cheeseburger convincingly.

Luckily, we don't care about that. There are seven "real" fights, with a few quickies interspersed here and there, and with the exception of the instance where the killer absolutely dominates pro wrestler Rob Van Dam, they are all top-notch and fully deserving of recognition, if you ask me.

Even part-time actors like Brandie Rocci and Ken Kensei who has an absolutely dazzling swordfight with the killer get to mix it up alongside proven talent like Hakim Alston Mortal Kombat in battles that will knock the socks off of newcomers to the series and even manage to impress old fans.

I cannot stress just how effectively these approximate twenty minutes of cumulative action save the rest of the movie from oblivion; coming from someone who's seen all of the "No Retreat, No Surrender" films, I can say with confidence that the fights in this film are the very best in all of the series - the best choreographed, executed, and edited.

More noticeably than even that, however, is the overall jump in quality that the film brings to this pseudo-series.

Even the most endearing fan of "No Retreat, No Surrender" movies cannot deny that they were a patchwork, barely held together by weak production values that were commonplace in Hong Kong but undoubtedly alienated some western viewers. While not looking like more than your average DTV film, "Bloodmoon" looks infinitely more solid and palatable - less grainy and more like a professional film. It's the cumulative film produced in the image Ng See Yuen Merci de votre commentaire.


Blood Moon